Incubator temperature and humidity controller
  • Incubator temperature and humidity controller

Incubator Temperature Humidity Controller SHT20 Sensor

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An intelligent temperature and humidity controller. Compact design, IP65 level front panel protection, convenient operation, and easy installation. Suitable for control of incubators, hatchers, brooders,  climate chambers, warehouse, cold room and so on.

Power supply voltage: AC110 -220V

Working frequency: 50HZ

Measuring range: -40 -120°C 0 -80%RH

Measurement accuracy: temperature ± 0.3°C, humidity ± 3%RH

Calibration : Both temperature and humidity can be calibrated against lab thermometers and hygrometers

Sensor cable length: 100CM

Size: 79.5 x 43 x 36mm

Shell material: surface shell ABS, bottom shell flame retardant ABS

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