Incubator Controller

3 weeks

Finally our African worldclass incubator and hatcher computer is ready for launch by MeloChicks. This little baby features the best of the best design innovations for small scale hatcheries, that are found in commercial hatcheries. We designed based on industry standards and feature requests from customers together with our own ideas. You can view live monitoring of an incubator here

Manufactured on order, lead times apply.

  Delivery policy

Delivery is as per customer request. Customers should be available when delivery takes place.

  Return policy

No returns due to nature of product once delivered. Customers should inspect goods for breakages.

The computer has the following features.

  • Measures temperature, humidity, Co2 and TVOC air quality with top of the range probes.
  • Controls egg turner and switches it off automatically at day 18 of incubation
  • Controls exhaust fans to ensure temperature, humidity and air quality are within desired limits
  • Can WhatsApp you if limits are breached or you have a power failure.
  • Controls lights, heater, exhaust fan and humidity
  • Can sound an alarm if limits are breached Includes configurable polling periods for temperature, humidity and air quality
  • Reports probe data to a website which can be monitored via internet on a website.
  • Built in data logger records everything the incubator is doing and exportable to CSV for viewing in Excel.
  • Compatible with all incubators running outdated computers on their incubators and hatchers and can replace them
  • Controlled locally via your mobile phone.
  • Connects to your wifi network for reporting data to the website and for OTA updates for enhancements and bug fixes.
  • Can record your batch history and data via the mobile application.
  • Has a built in real time clock to help with tracking activities and events accurately.
  • Temperature, humidity, Co2 and TVOC probes can be calibrated.
  • Requires a smart phone with wireless to operate. Has a LCD screen to display vitals like temperature, humidity etc
  • Has 8 controllable relays for heater, exhaust, alarm, power, lights, humidity, turner and stop turner.
  • Optional backup battery for the computer and SIM card
  • Inbuilt realtime clock synchronizes to NTP server every 7 days for accurate timing on data logs and other events.
  • Sends emails for batches captured, candling reminders, lockdown reminders, hatching reminders and more
  • Send customizable WhatsApp reminders for candling, lock down, hatch day and other user requirements
  • Sends temperature, humidity and air quality alerts via Whatsapp and email.
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